Ladna is the first virtual card of OTP Bank

We have noticed that people often disappoint in the variety of tariffs, or vice versa - they have little information about the conditions and tariffs, so they feel deceived when they get incomprehensibly unclear commissions.

That's why we created Ladna шиa card with which everything is fine. Issuance, service of the card, transfers within the bank are free, and cash withdrawals are always 1% in Ukraine.



What is this Ladna card?

It is okay to do daily operations:

pay for coffee, transfer funds to my mother, donate to good causes

It's okay to be an additional card to your main one:

store funds on it or use it as a card for online purchases :)

It's okay to have a currency card:

store currency on a separate card, receive $ and € from abroad

It's okay to receive funds:

receive salary, payments, transfers


It's good, because:

  • You can buy online without commissions
  • There are no "unintelligible" and additional conditions and tariffs in fine print.
  • You manage the card through a user-friendly application (be sure — a good card will not force you to visit the branch)
  • A minute of registration and you can use it immediately

How to get


Step 1

Download the OTP Bank application and go to your profile

Step 2

Click "Open a good card" and familiarize yourself with the tariffs and terms of use

Step 3

Enter your data and sign the online contract

Step 4

Add the card to ApplePay/GooglePay and enjoy 🙂

Do you want to become a client of the bank? Leave a contact and we will tell you how to open the Ladna card.

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Virtual card - LADNA
Card Data

Tariffs and conditions

0 uah

Opening and service

0 uah

Top-up and crediting of funds

0 uah

Transfers within the bank


Withdrawal of cash at any ATM in Ukraine (even in "foreign" banks)

5/10 uah

Transfers to cards of the second bank


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